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Types: Lubricated, sleeved, 2-way, 3-way
Standards: DIN, EN, ANSI, API
Sizes: DN 25, DN 80, PN 10
Pressure: ½” – 12”, CLASS 150 - 1500

Bronze, Al bronze (from -45°C...+115°C), carbon & stainless steel

Special: Plug valves DIN 42544-A (DN 25)
3-way plug valves DIN 42544-B with round flange DN 25 and DN 80
3-way plug valves DIN 42544-C with squared flanges (DN 80)
with the locking device and position indicator
Testing: Acc. to EN 12266-1, 2 (DIN3230), API 598, others on request
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